Let me tell you how

We often look at others and think they became who and what they are as a matter of happenstance or maybe through their own efforts. As for me, I can tell you how, or perhaps show you... ...Rusty

I came upon a well

As I'm walking through this time in my life, I came upon a well. I knew what I must do, I've been this way since I was a kid... believed in things. Each day, as I pass by, I cannot help but pause yet again... One day I saw someone trying to sweep up what... Continue Reading →

What my prayers look like

I've got many scars, earned through mistake and triumph. I look rough and many think I'm unapproachable. I believe passionately in things and assert myself accordingly. I am strong because of Him and I refuse to quit. But when I pray it looks like this really... ...Rusty

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