May I sit?

I once wondered why I write when it is likely no one will ever read my words. Then it came to me, moments ago actually - these aren’t only words on a page, random reflections and contemplations... they exist in a place, a place beyond my own, a place where you are too. Because of... Continue Reading →

A friend of mine

I know a lot of people and I’m unsure how many are my friend. I’ve lived a lot of life and have had my fair share of ups and downs. I’ve been at the top and I’ve been at the bottom, gained and lost a few folks along the way. I used to not talk... Continue Reading →

Writing into a life

I’ve come to know we aren’t the only ones holding a pen that writes into our lives. Some write themselves in, some write themselves out. Some write goodness and beauty, some write otherwise. Some do not know they write and some do so with an intentional beauty. May I author a story worth retelling... and... Continue Reading →

A good pace

"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life" Psalms 23:6 Goodness and mercy do follow us if we can only slow down enough to let it catch us... ...Rusty

Section 4 Chapter 1

Today is the day I get to experience a part of a love story that I thought may only happen in movies or books. Yet is happening in a book, the book of my life and it's indeed a love story. The woman I love is traveling half way across the country to return to... Continue Reading →

A teacher among us

Sunflowers have come to symbolize a magical journey in life to me. They grow from such a tiny seed into a beautiful and elegant flower, turned always toward the sun, reaching for the heavens... a journey we are all called to make. On days there is no sun, they symbolize a magical connection that we... Continue Reading →

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