Let me tell you how

We often look at others and think they became who and what they are as a matter of happenstance or maybe through their own efforts. As for me, I can tell you how, or perhaps show you... ...Rusty

I came upon a well

As I'm walking through this time in my life, I came upon a well. I knew what I must do, I've been this way since I was a kid... believed in things. Each day, as I pass by, I cannot help but pause yet again... One day I saw someone trying to sweep up what... Continue Reading →

What my prayers look like

I've got many scars, earned through mistake and triumph. I look rough and many think I'm unapproachable. I believe passionately in things and assert myself accordingly. I am strong because of Him and I refuse to quit. But when I pray it looks like this really... ...Rusty

The gentle wave of a heavy heart

It is with a heavy heart I write today. If this is where I share my life, thoughts, and thoughts on life... then it won't always be liberating but sometimes painful, for life is both. Perhaps it is because of this truth that we value the blessing when it comes. Today my best friend leaves... Continue Reading →

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