How does one describe a beginning when they have lived many? How many beginnings does one experience in an average lifetime? I suppose it varies depending on how many risks we are willing to take, how much life we want to live... and the opportunities that present themselves. This is one of those times...

How to stop time

There will come times you wish would not end and there will be times that pass too quickly. You will often wonder how long a moment can last. So let me tell you… The only way to stop time is to be conscious of it. Im not talking about watching a clock nor counting seconds,... Continue Reading →

The opposite of Fear

I’ve been through many things. I’ve lived a lot of life. I don’t get scared much but I sure have been recently. I thought what I’ve learned from it might help someone out there and so here I am. I’ve heard it said that the opposite of fear is Faith. I’ve heard you have to... Continue Reading →

For the record

I wanted to record this day. A day things were honored and perhaps restored. Nothing is ever as it was but it can be more, our lives are fashioned that way. Thank you for the reminder... it’s how things appear to us that says a lot about who we are... and wish to be. Rusty

Show me

When I child sees that you believe in magic too there is an instant connection and friend made like no other… grownups are that way too, I sure am. ...Rusty

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