The opposite of Fear

I’ve been through many things. I’ve lived a lot of life. I don’t get scared much but I sure have been recently. I thought what I’ve learned from it might help someone out there and so here I am.

I’ve heard it said that the opposite of fear is Faith. I’ve heard you have to “face” your fears. I’ve heard it said fear is based in the future. That one is either scared of losing something they’ve got or not getting something they want. I don’t know if it matters when your in it, because it can be paralyzing. Fear can lead us into acts and words we normally wouldn’t consider… because we are simply reacting, we are in panic mode, and oftentimes we don’t even know it.

I’ve learned recently that fear is selfish. It turns your vision so inward that everything external seems like a threat or an attack. We become turtles withdrawn into a shell of self-centeredness and trying desperately to protect ourselves. It’s in sharing this that I began to see that, real or fancied, such fear must be overcome… but how?

I believe the opposite of fear is Love, the answer to fear is Love. That love never fails, even if it’s what we are afraid of… or if it’s why we are scared in the first place. Love is still the way through. Think of the truly loving people you have known. Not just on the inside but outwardly. They don’t seem afraid to me because they believe in something… in goodness. I know it is written that “perfect Love cast out fear” and though I am far from perfect at it, I cannot help but be comforted that Love will win.

… Rusty

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