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When I child sees that you believe in magic too there is an instant connection and friend made like no other… grownups are that way too, I sure am. ...Rusty

Now is one of those times

Now is one of those times I could use your insight, your thoughts, and your encouragement. So much going on. So much possibility and with it comes more pressure than usual. I am doing all I can and I don’t know if it’s enough, or going to be. I guess I just needed to say... Continue Reading →

May I sit?

I once wondered why I write when it is likely no one will ever read my words. Then it came to me, moments ago actually - these aren’t only words on a page, random reflections and contemplations... they exist in a place, a place beyond my own, a place where you are too. Because of... Continue Reading →

A friend of mine

I know a lot of people and I’m unsure how many are my friend. I’ve lived a lot of life and have had my fair share of ups and downs. I’ve been at the top and I’ve been at the bottom, gained and lost a few folks along the way. I used to not talk... Continue Reading →

E Pluribus Unum Ad Infinitum

For the dreamers out there, for those who’s hope never vanishes, for those that stand for their life… and others as well. Remember we are within something. It is always today, it is always this moment, it is always this place... see it, seize it, give to it. Allow this special gift to move you... Continue Reading →

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