When I looked up

Welcome me home…

It seems I’ve been looking down for half a year, looking at the path of a pilgrimage I began out of desperation. I could not hear the Lord only my own doubts and fears. I could not help but show these things on my face and along the way. Matters of the heart have no easy answers when your left with nothing but questions. Hearts aren’t meant to ask… but to answer. So I walked… and walked, but I did walk and not stop, for to stop would collapse more than me.

For 170 days…

I had become my own best friend, one among many, but an unexpected one. Facing, forgiving, foregoing…

Then I looked up… and saw a match. It was then that I knew, that what had not made sense… would, that what wasn’t heard… was, that what had been closed… opened; to be struck.


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