You, me, and we

Does a grain of sand question its importance under the feet of the children it cushions? May the castles made from such remind us that we can be so much more than we give ourselves credit for... ...Rusty

If I had to roll the dice

If it's the only chance I was given, I'd take it. If it's the only hope I had, I'd believe it. If I knew it would cost me, I'd pay it. If I had to know the answer, I'd find it. I've lived these things and have the scars to prove it. ...Rusty

Beauty and the beholding

I was sitting at the park with a dear friend, talking about creation, life, and just being... we saw a beautiful duck come near to us, and after a closer look we noticed a hook was stuck in its mouth with fishing line and a weight hanging from it. Our hearts were also weighted. In... Continue Reading →

What I learned from radiance

I've seen lots of things in my life: tragedy, beauty, pain, joy, miracles, failure, and then some. Tonight I saw something that will add to the man I am still becoming. I saw another's happiness flourish when all that had been placed ahead of it was removed, including me. I understood in that moment what... Continue Reading →

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