A simple mans prayer

Lord... help me to be a better man. Help me to trust you more. Help me to hold on and help me to let go. Help me to be a lamp on a lamp stand among those that need it. Most of all... help me be more conscious of You, Your strength, and the Hope... Continue Reading →

I’m here

I've lived a lot of life, many lives perhaps. This past week is no exception. Working for a City I love whether it returns such or not, burying a cousin that was like a sister to me, having my ministry under scrutiny because people fear what they haven't given the chance to know, watching my... Continue Reading →

The in between

Between family time, work, a ministry, death of my cousin and funeral preparation, my daughter's graduation and all that comes with it, I've had to fight to get myself here to write. This leaves me with the following thoughts: In between the moments that take our breath away it's what we give that make the... Continue Reading →

Something to remember

The future is a lot like Christmas. The days ahead are like presents under the tree. We aren't sure what is within them until they are unfolded. We must remember that no matter what is revealed, it is a gift nonetheless. Thank you Lord for the gift of You, of each day, and the opportunity... Continue Reading →

The mind and matters of the heart

"You can accomplish anything you set your mind to" an age old expression with much truth to it and one my mom told me often... What can one accomplish if they set their "heart" to it? Oh the heart, my dear, isn't set... but called upon. ...Rusty

Our unsung heroes

With all the Marvel movies out, with all the leaders in positions of admiration, with all the evangelist preaching encouragement... there is no one more crucial and significant than a mother. A mother is all of these things and so much more. Happy Mother's Day ladies! ...Rusty

Life’s truest intersection

In any and every given moment we are... We are in a place between the life before us and the life behind us. The only place we can truly live. May we draw wisdom from the road in which we've come, instead of regret. May we face the road ahead confidently and without fear... because... Continue Reading →

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