I would say

Tonight, as I taught group, a profound scenario came to me... at least it is in my mind. If I were about to pass from this place to the next and my children asked me for some lasting thoughts to remain with them, and aide them along their journey of life... one of those thoughts... Continue Reading →

Upon the anvil

We all have our turn at the table... It's what we do during the tougher times that is a measure of our growth, our spiritual condition, or the lack thereof. They say character is forged this way... yet it is always forged. May being mindful of these things refine it... us, and me. ...Rusty

I once was blind

Love is this way, we simply need to understand and believe it to be so... Life can be this way, if we endure despite the obstacles, pressing on toward the potential gifted to us... We must be this way, so that others can see, and thus affirm, that beauty truly is in the eye of... Continue Reading →

Paying it forward

Who am I to judge? No one thats who. Yet what I will do is illuminate the dimmed, understand the questions, encourage the beaten and broken, and celebrate the resurrected... “Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in... Continue Reading →

On the softer side

I've lived many lives, lucky to have survived one. I've been through more things than I can list here and have the scars to prove it. I know what it's like not to have, to do without. To be embarrassed and ashamed. Today my highlight was getting a new down pillow from Kohl's and enjoying... Continue Reading →

I often ask myself

I write in the hope that it converses with those that are awake... and helps awaken those that are not. I write so that someday my children will be offered my guidance, thoughts, and perhaps wisdom if they deem it so. I write to remain conscious of the deeper me. The part of me that... Continue Reading →

A step further

I came to an understanding tonight and one I feel compelled to share. Telling someone you will pray for them is a blessing in its own right, however... asking someone "what" you can pray for is another matter, and a beautiful one at that. ...Rusty

The 33rd truth

Feelings are manifestations of our thoughts... Much can be drawn from this, much can be changed with this, and much can be created by this. ...Rusty

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