Dare to dream, dare to live

I know what it's like to be, and feel, alone. To wish for, to hope for, to want a life worth living. To regret the mistakes made and wonder if I'd ever overcome them. To know I was a better person deep down, that I did have potential and that perhaps I could still meet... Continue Reading →

The greater you

It takes great courage to rise above circumstance... It takes great strength to transcend that which challenges you mentally and emotionally... It takes great heart to empathize, to see the ripple effect of one's own actions on others... ...Rusty

I simply must

It is something I push myself to do, something I feel compelled to do... It is the beginning of anything, and it leads to everything... ...To pay attention. ...Rusty

Let me pray for them

Lord... I want to lift up those who's eyes find my words, on nights gone by or those yet to come. Guide them, speak to them, bless them. Thank you for their prayers and support. Thank you for their search and their journey. ...Amen

Choosing B

Even when our cup runs over we sometimes wish it was a different color... Yet each time we choose to be grateful we are one choice closer to that state of being. ...Rusty

A picture of contemplation

What is the difference... between the moments we are kind and the moments we are not? between the moments we are grateful and the ones we are not? between the moments we love and let love, live and let live? ...Rusty

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