Be cause…

Maybe it's because I know what it's like to not have, to do without, to suffer, to long for... Maybe it's because I've experienced the difference between joy and discontent... Maybe it's because I understand the power of perspective, of one's state of mind... Maybe it's because I see the illusion of control for what... Continue Reading →

An Irish proverb and blessing

When I began writing here it was at the urging of my then girlfriend, now fiancé. A journey in itself. I wrote to no audience except that someday my kids might read an immortal message of the abstract, depth, and insight from their father. Along the way it became a place to routinely share bits... Continue Reading →

Cerca Trova

"It's the journey not the destination" they say. I believe it's a little bit of both... one step, one moment, one find at a time. ...Rusty

I’ll not falter

How many rows of cotton could you hoe day after day, fair weather or foul? When it's for those you love, in a field given to you out of faith... as many as are before me. ...Rusty

To be… and to help be

I can not help but be grateful for the life I get to live today. I was once blind but now I see indeed. I was once lost but have been more than found. Amazing grace has led me to amazing gratitude. This, coupled with the desire to add to the lives around me. To... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem

So many things I have always wanted to say, many of them I have, more I surely will. Some in words others in deeds. I've endured deserts, walked painfully through valleys, and stood in the triumph of peaks. I know many of you have too. I've lived, loved, and lost...isn't that what we are supposed... Continue Reading →

I’ve done a lot of things

So I'm sitting here in El Paso, at an equipment rodeo state competition for Texas city employees. I found myself with the opportunity to talk to the Executive Director of my city's department. I shared my story of how I was once a licensed counselor by the state and Executive Director of the then largest... Continue Reading →

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