This, them, and us

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful things, one of the toughest things, one of the most personal things. I have four kids, three boys and one daughter. I love them with everything I am. One of the main reasons I began writing "blogging" was to have something of myself to pass on... Continue Reading →

The other side of happiness

We can seek to attain or we can seek to appreciate. Having things doesn't always create happiness. Appreciating what we have always does. To help someone attain or to help someone appreciate, this is what lies beyond happiness... ...Rusty

He asked me to

In the midst of it all the more important thing is - I was brought back from the dead to preach the gospel, to a people that are scared of its Subject... ...Rusty

Out of many…a few

Some things I've come to know as truths: 1. Time passes faster the older you get. 2. Not everyone is going to like you no matter how kind or good you are, but you will. 3. You can make a difference. 4. Love is a reality, and worth every second. 5. Fears lessen as we... Continue Reading →

See you there

Over the years I have also come to call the place where the spiritual and physical co-exist - the field. It just makes sense to me, at least in the way such sense can be made of a "place" we cannot confirm by normal means. An example I have always found both interesting and entertaining:... Continue Reading →

The mark it left on me

When I was a kid in elementary school we watched a reel film called "The red balloon". It impacted me deeply as I watched this balloon trying desperately to find its place, it's way, in a vast world. That's the way I remember it anyway. I have thought about the feelings I had, the empathy... Continue Reading →

Where to go from here

As I sit here reflecting on my life, wondering what I should share, what I could share... tonight I can only say this - I have lived 9 lives yet died only once... ...Rusty

How did you find me?

It is by no accident you are here. It is by no accident we are in this "place" together. We stumble across people, places, and events, not by accident but more accurately for a reason. What that reason is we may never know or it may come to us immediately. Sometimes it's to give to,... Continue Reading →

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