Wait and see

In each given day we have the opportunity to "rewind" our life. We also have to opportunity to see into the potential future. This all takes place in the instant of the moments that make up our lives, and is yet another reason to be conscious of such. From here wisdom is close at hand... Continue Reading →

His time our time?

I have heard it said, and perhaps even said, "in His time", "in Gods time not our own", Gods timing is different than ours" ... Yet it came to me today that this isn't so. Yes His ways are higher than ours. Yes, He is outside of time. But when it comes to things we... Continue Reading →

Time waits for no one?

If you could stand at a point in time knowing what you know now, with all its reflections and imprints on your soul... with an overwhelming hope of what lies ahead calling to your heart, would you stand there and vow to be conscious? Now is that time...always. ...Rusty

Be still and know

The sum of one's life at any point is culminated by the choices that have led to its unfolding. As time goes by we understand this more and more. Life is a series of choices. It is wise to pause and be conscious of this truth. As it is written on my arm... "What we... Continue Reading →

Even among a forest, I will stand

Do we only bind based on adhesiveness? Do we only believe based on confirmation? Do we only stand for something based on level ground? Do we only love without fear? Or... Does one do so beyond such simple clarity? For reasons yet obscure but reasons nonetheless. Yes...I do I am far from perfect. I am... Continue Reading →

I love presents!

Be a gift this Christmas for someone... lift them up, be kind, share something, let someone in front of you in line, pay for someone's coffee, huh then a little tighter, smile... ...Rusty Known alias (Santa's helper)

My fellow travelers

When the cloud cover is low. When it's almost too foggy to see as you drive down the highway of life, how do you navigate through it safely? As it is with driving it is with living - you focus on what's right in front of you and nowhere else. You can not afford to... Continue Reading →

Move please

It is said, and written, that faith of a mustard seed can move a mountain...I have also written about this - and... I have moved mountains. Yet upon reflection of this I see now that often times it was the mountain that moved me. ...Rusty


How we feel... 20% circumstances 80% mental attitude 10% our ability to believe in the magic that surrounds us... ...Rusty

When it gets windy

We have all gone through our fair share of storms, and shall again. As it does for a Ship on the sea of possibility, the wind of adversity blows through our sails. Yet it doesn't have to push us where it may haphazardly, we can use this wind in our sails to propel us in... Continue Reading →

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