How about now?

What do you do when you feel as if you don't measure up? What do you do when you feel as if your not enough? When you've made too many mistakes and limited not only your future, but those you care for as well? What do you do when it's almost as if your hands... Continue Reading →

Do you sew?

Did you know that when we think of our day, our night, that which is behind them and before them... Did you know that as we think of the people in our lives, both past and present, and the ones that have yet to be... Did you know that as we feel and we... Continue Reading →

Thought Life and a Love Life

Perhaps you've heard of "prayer life" or are intimately familiar with it. Prayer life being the ongoing, or theme, of our prayers over a period of time. Thus the difference between a "prayer" and "prayer life". Take this into account when understanding what "thought life" is. That which is predominantly among our thoughts throughout our... Continue Reading →

When you don’t have much

I've been thinking a lot about what I have and what I have to give. In the worlds eyes it's not much. But this I know and until I have more it's yours...if it makes any sense, for it does to me. ...Rusty

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