The how of it all

How does one go from a boy to a man? How does a man go from leaning on his own fallible nature, under the illusion it's strength, to hearing a relentless whisper of hope as he descends into self destruction? How does one rise again from a death he brought upon himself? How does a... Continue Reading →

Can and will

It's been said "whether you think you can or you think you can't, your probably right" I've been told what I can do and what I can't. I've been told what's impossible. I've been told to give up and I've considered it on many occasions. I've even given up before only to see that I... Continue Reading →

What is love?

It has been said "you'll know". People often don't understand how true that is until "they know" and when you just do... ...Rusty

I see

Opportunity surrounds us. May we see the open doors and appreciate that which is between them... For it just isn't what we experience but how... ...Rusty

I don’t draw blanks anymore

Even when I'm wore out, tired enough that I find it hard to write...or even know what to say. I always have this to fall back on... Reminds me of when I was a kid...and in this way, I remain one I guess. I wish more did ...Rusty

I’m bringing a shovel

I've heard many times in my life that "Faith can move mountains but you better bring a shovel" My faith doesn't require a shovel but I'm bringing one anyway...because I'm not trying to move a mountain, I'm looking for treasure... in the lives around me. ...Rusty

Planting season

Each moment... Each decision... Every opportunity... As we walk along the path of life as it unfolds before us, let us scatter seeds today that they may bloom beautifully tomorrow... ...Rusty

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