In the mean time

Q: What do we do when we hope for something magical to happen? A: We appreciate the magic that happens in the lives around us. This is how hope lives... ...Rusty

A thank you note

I don't have a lot to say tonight, or lately really...but I do have this - Thank you To you who encouraged me To those that pray for me To the ones that have shared my pain and my refusal to stop believing in the things that make life meaningful and deep, precious, and beautiful... Continue Reading →

I promise

Everyone goes through tough times, some harder than others. It's my turn at the table. With that said I promise you this - I will make it thru this, step by step, ebb and flow, up and down, think and thin. I've fought for what's gone and now I'll fight for what I'll make... Continue Reading →

I need stitches

I'm at a cross roads. I'm trying like hell to make that turn. I force myself to write, share, teach, it doesn't feel like its making a dent. I can't eat. I can work but most of myself is missing while I do. I keep waiting on it to pass. It's like I can't breath,... Continue Reading →

I see you…and here’s how

What does it mean to live? To truly live? How do we know when it's happening and how do others know we have? Whatever the answer, or answers, may be...emotion is within it. We feel, and if we aren't, we aren't truly living. "There's never nothing going on" ...Rusty

For you…and me

I often don't know if I'm writing or journaling...or how much difference there is when your sharing yourself. The only way I know to be is that way. Whomever stumbles across these writings will have come to know me, and hopefully, gain something from that...or at least from how I see life. As for now... Continue Reading →

How to not give up

When you believe in something beautiful... When you stand for something meaningful and good... When you've journeyed a path to a place: and your left with questions instead of answers, doubts instead of faith, fear instead of strength. You... Hold on and then... You climb ...Rusty

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