The power of pause

When in doubt pause and seek the truth... Sometimes both the truth and the feelings take a little while, for they generally have a lot to pass through, especially you. ...Rusty

The closest far can be

On this day... I searched for hours for the proof that would affirm I am the man I believe I am. The man I have worked so hard to become. The man who's heart felt great peace in overcoming the greatest enemy of all...himself. I called automated machines. I looked through records. I analyzed information... Continue Reading →

One giant leap

What does it mean to lift someone up? What does encouragement look like beyond hugs and handshakes, prayer and good tidings? I would not be where I am today if not for the hurdles I had to leap over...or the bar that was set high above what I thought I could achieve, or become. I... Continue Reading →

Peace by piece

There is something just beneath the surface of life as we have come to know it. Something calling to us just beyond what our ears can hear. Something like a mirage in the distance, once we get close, it vanishes. I know it's there, I have for as long as I can recall. It's all... Continue Reading →

The small still voice within

So much of our conscious mind is tied up with a days routines, work, distractions, and yet our dreams, hopes, reflections, and contemplations find their way through. Like a sound which began long before it was heard. In this day and age we must concern ourselves with the former in order to provide for ourselves... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Chaos

I've seen smiles do what butterflies can... I've seen passion stir as typhoons do... May your chaos be that of unexpected beauty and unpredictable wonder.... ...Rusty

Read between the line

What do we do when we are disappointed in ourselves? Whether it be internal (mental) or external (physical), they both result in emotion, thus the disappointment in question. There isn't a fine line between acceptance and change, there is simply a line. What we can change and what we can't. Thus we must either accept... Continue Reading →

When in doubt

When you don't know what to what you know to do until more is revealed. Leaning always in the direction of goodness. Being mindful of that which is within you that seems to be in opposition to it. ...Rusty

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