It is called by many things. It is oftentimes a pre cursor to deja vu. One usually found after the fact. Yet we can become increasingly aware of these moments as they present themselves. I encourage you to interact with such an event or person, to see whether you were meant to draw from or... Continue Reading →

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There are fewer things as powerful as consistent kindness, it can move mountains, even the ones we once created... ...Rusty

Do you mind? 🧠

Write down three questions you'd like to know the answers to.?. Give two answers to two questions you've learned in life.!. Share one statement you would consider defining of, or for, you... Rusty

The Gift

Lord help me continue my journey in becoming who You created me to be. Help me overcome the things that stand in my way to my usefulness to You and my fellows. Help me to right new wrongs along the way. Help me to remember and embrace the truth of this great love: For every... Continue Reading →

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One of the secrets to being happy, feeling a purpose driven life, being fulfilled, and being what God has called one to be... ...Rusty


To continue my discussion on sharing - I'm not sure why it's so heavy on my mind except maybe that's it's so heavy within my heart. I believe it to be one of the greatest tools in combating anything which stands in opposition to kindness, which is even higher on my list of beauty within... Continue Reading →

Peek into me

I've said before how hard it is for me to write when there are a melee of thoughts fighting for the place to be expressed. Each day I live deeply, love deeply, think deeply. I am grateful more often than not. I most often like to accompany my writing with pictures to augment what I'm... Continue Reading →

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