It's uncommon that my mind is blank again. Perhaps I'm underestimating how tired I am. Maybe this time has been given me to just be...yet here I am anyway, because I do that. Yet, I do have another thought as I reflect on my writing from last night - no matter the depth of our... Continue Reading →

One among many…minutes

I'm so tired I can't string together thoughts like I usually can. So instead of forcing it, instead of saying nothing, instead of writing that everyone has these days...I want to take a minute and thank my girlfriend for her ongoing support and encouragement in regards to my writing, my potential, my attempts, my life.... Continue Reading →

Heart and Beats

A famous composer, Claude Debussy, once said "Music is the space between the notes" As I reflect on this, for I often do, I can't help but wonder what is between the thoughts, between the feelings, between the moments that we are both aware and unaware of...and then it comes to me. ...Rusty

Time Traveler

I am from the past, as you read this you will understand that, if you haven't already. I write as if the world is listening and yet there is but a few. I have often wondered why I do so. I can not help but be expressive and due to a woman's love and urging... Continue Reading →

Illusion of the Phoenix

I suppose there are those that have never lost it all. Those that have yet to experience an internal death, whether it be spiritual, emotional, or both. They know not the Phoenix and what it symbolizes to the men and women that have. I know there are those that have, like me, fallen... It wasn't... Continue Reading →

Mama always told me

We've all been told not to play with fire growing up. Yet many of us, at some point in our lives, had fire trying to play with us...whether it be to destroy or consume. Yet there was another flame, deep down within. It was sparked by desperation and spread through sheer determination. Out of such... Continue Reading →

The brushes stroke

We are all artist whether we see the canvas or not... As we realize the freedom God has given us to create, one cannot help but do so. Be it future or present, music or colors, relationships or achievement. If we have yet to understand this it's as if we wait in a dark room... Continue Reading →

I have a question

Don't answer until you've thought about it awhile. Let it sit within you, let it speak to you, ponder its deeper meaning...wonder and wander - How have you been? ...Rusty

The ladder of time

As we create memories, we are freezing a piece of time in which we form a story that is always to be told. A story that is not limited to the conscious mind, by those that saw first hand, nor by the reasons it began. As you go from here...consider the word itself - REMEMBER... Continue Reading →

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