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It isn't demanding love that brings it near. It isn't withholding love that fosters it in others. It isn't even asking for love that grants it. It's loving that calls to and is answered by it... ...Rusty Fuller

Q and A

So the question has been "to be or not to be" but it isn't really a question but a choice... ...Rusty Fuller

Hide or Seek – Hide and Seek

Most of my life it was hide or seek when it came to God. I either hid from Him out of fear and misunderstanding or I sought him with an aimless desperation, feeling as if I was clamoring in the dark for the tiniest bit of light. Later it became hide and seek. I would... Continue Reading →

Pieces of our puzzle

Much of life is like a puzzle box with the pieces set out before us. I've learned that in times of uncertainty it's easiest to start with the border pieces. Let some of the picture take shape, then as more is revealed, we can better see where to place a few more pieces. Before we... Continue Reading →


What we see or how we see it is really nothing more than an opportunity. What we do with that opportunity is up to us... ...Rusty Fuller


Whether it be with God, a friend, or someone we love, presence is everything. Whether we have the right words or deeds in time of need or want. Whether it be holding hands or laughing to the point of tears. Within a room full of people or a someone sought. Near or far... a loving... Continue Reading →

The other side of silence

A great composer once said "music is the silence between the notes". I can not help but draw two of the most beautiful things from this - 1, a composer isn't just one who creates music but one who creates conversation and 2, that the quality and depth of silence within a conversation says more... Continue Reading →

Contemplative thought

Our thoughts are many, especially as we become more and more aware of them. I have found this is the arena of "conversations with God". ...Rusty Fuller


How many beginnings does one experience in an average lifetime? How do when know when it is happening? I suppose that depends on the risk that we are willing to take, on how much life we want to live, on the opportunities that present themselves. I cannot help but think that this is one of... Continue Reading →

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