The opposite of Fear

I’ve been through many things. I’ve lived a lot of life. I don’t get scared much but I sure have been recently. I thought what I’ve learned from it might help someone out there and so here I am. I’ve heard it said that the opposite of fear is Faith. I’ve heard you have to... Continue Reading →

For the record

I wanted to record this day. A day things were honored and perhaps restored. Nothing is ever as it was but it can be more, our lives are fashioned that way. Thank you for the reminder... it’s how things appear to us that says a lot about who we are... and wish to be. Rusty

Now is one of those times

Now is one of those times I could use your insight, your thoughts, and your encouragement. So much going on. So much possibility and with it comes more pressure than usual. I am doing all I can and I don’t know if it’s enough, or going to be. I guess I just needed to say... Continue Reading →

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